The Three Services

Guidance –¬†Input –¬†Facilitation

What do your services have to offer?

Facilitation in Mentoring

A networker can help the mentee develop the connections they need to gain experience and find things out.

They can model good networking skills, signpost the mentee to useful contacts, and connect her to resources and networks to help her raise her profile.

Mentoring Pathway

Step 1. Matching, connecting, establishing rapport

Step 2. Setting the Vision, Values and Goals

Step 3. Discussing the Realities and the Options

Step 4. Next steps


Next steps:

How will we know that the mentoring has been effective?

How do we leverage off this mentoring in order to achieve future success?

What further assistance might you need?


As a Mentee what do you want to get out of the mentoring?

What are your areas for development?

What do you need to do to get there?


What are the specific areas you want to work on?

What is your Vision?

What are the Values that are important to you?

How will this mentoring assist you in achieving your Vision?


What are the basic mentoring assumptions for both Mentor and Mentees?

What are the ground rules for the relationship?

What boundaries will we set?

How do we set confidentiality safe guards?