Coming to Closure

The mentorship has come to a natural end when:

  • The discussions have run their course
  • Not seeing any positive change
  • No personal or organisational benefit
  • Degenerates into counselling/therapy
  • Given all they have to give
  • The relationship is not working well
  • When the mentee or mentor requests it

Be sure to know when to call it and evaluate your relationship.

Program Evaluation

Successful mentoring relationships rely on the ability of the mentor and mentee to be able to authentically discuss their progress.

3 month – alert to be sent out, with 4 quick questions relating to process

6 month – invitation to attend get-together (lunch or breakfast) of mentors and mentees separately to get experiential feedback, focussing on the community of interest, could compliment with short online survey.

9 month – more robust online evaluation. Mentors and mentees invited to attend celebration event

12 month – conduct comprehensive evaluation.