Mentoring Equation

A successful mentoring relationship is bonded by

Mentee (Drive x Distance) –  Mentor (Gap x Relevance x Effort)

The Mentee

How badly does the mentee want to advance their career and how much ground do they feel they need to cover to get there?

Drive = How motivated is the mentee?
Distance = Where is the mentee in terms of experience vs. where they need/want to be?

Mentee’s Perspective

Mentees have to prepare for the relationship by acknowledging they are in it to learn.
The Question I ask: What is it you want from your Mentor?

The Mentor

Can the mentor help and how much effort will it require?

Gap = The amount of experience the mentor has compared with the mentee.
Relevance = The distance between the mentor’s expertise and the mentee’s goal.
Effort = How much work it will take to bridge any gaps of experience or relevance.

Mentor’s Perspective

Come prepared to ask questions such as:

  • What do you expect from me as your mentor?
  • What are your desired outcomes for the mentoring relationship?
  • What do you wish to gain from this partnership?