The First Meeting

Preparation prior to first meeting

Mentees have to prepare for the relationship by acknowledging they are in it to learn.

The question for mentors to mentees: What is it you want from your Mentor?

Questions you could ask your mentee or answers to give to your mentor:

What should your mentor know about you in order to work most successfully with you?

How do you learn best-by reading, observing, doing, or listening?

What are your desired outcomes for the mentoring relationship?

What do you expect from your mentor?

How will you know if the relationship is working?

Mentors to come prepared with answers to questions such as:

What do you expect from me as your mentee?

What do you think will be able to help me most?

What do you want to gain from this partnership?

Cultivation of mentee skills

  • Let your Mentor know what you need
  • Set your own goal schedule and stick to it
  • Be responsive and available
  • Straightforward, raise issues that you are challenged by
  • Directly ask how success is understood by your mentor
  • Understand yourself and your mentor