Are You Ready?

It’s really about two people working together, sharing wisdom, gathering confidence and building a rapport through a partnership of trust. You can’t develop trust unless you’ve got confidentiality and mutual accountability to that trust. – Dee Roche 2016 Are you ready? Matching First Contact Key Points Next Steps Please sign up as a mentor/ mentee […]

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Coming to Closure

The mentorship has come to a natural end when: The discussions have run their course Not seeing any positive change No personal or organisational benefit Degenerates into counselling/therapy Given all they have to give The relationship is not working well When the mentee or mentor requests it Be sure to know when to call it […]

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The First Meeting

Preparation prior to first meeting Mentees have to prepare for the relationship by acknowledging they are in it to learn. The question for mentors to mentees: What is it you want from your Mentor? Questions you could ask your mentee or answers to give to your mentor: What should your mentor know about you in order […]

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The Three Services

Guidance – Input – Facilitation What do your services have to offer? Facilitation in Mentoring A networker can help the mentee develop the connections they need to gain experience and find things out. They can model good networking skills, signpost the mentee to useful contacts, and connect her to resources and networks to help her raise her […]

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Accountability is required from both the mentor and mentee Collaboration Mentoring relationships are reciprocal and bound by confidentiality and mutual accountability. No Rules, Just a Safety Net. It is very important to have mutual accountability confidentiality. Checklist for Assumptions Testing for Confidentiality Crossing Boundaries Within the mentoring relationship: 1. As a Mentee what does confidentiality mean […]

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Mentoring Equation

A successful mentoring relationship is bonded by Mentee (Drive x Distance) –  Mentor (Gap x Relevance x Effort) The Mentee How badly does the mentee want to advance their career and how much ground do they feel they need to cover to get there? Drive = How motivated is the mentee? Distance = Where is […]

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The Role of the Mentor

A mentor: is someone absolutely credible is assertive and compassionate in their delivery and is not afraid to speak the truth for the good listens and understands their mentee rivals in the success of others and strives to support mentee’s journey to success supports risk taking can see the bigger picture and also the detail […]

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Coaching vs Mentoring

Mentors leave us stronger, more confident, clearer thinking and better able to cope after they have met with us. They help us grow in wisdom, not so much by inviting us to adopt their wisdom as by the way they ask questions, which move us to deeper places of insight and perception… somehow we end […]

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Mentoring – The Lost Art

Mentoring is a fundamental form of human development, where one person invests time, energy, and personal know-how in assisting the growth and ability of another person. Homer’s Odyssey Before departing for the Trojan War, Odysseus (Ulysses), King of Ithaca, introduces his son Telemachus to a wise friend and advisor, Mentor. Mentor serves not only as […]

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