The Perfect Pitch

Your vision = your pitch Enrol in the Universal Pitch Deck Course in Generator to ready yourself to pitch your business to investors. Delivering a perfect pitch takes practice and research. Putting yourself in the audiences shoes will allow you to connect with them and increase understanding and acceptance. Be confident! Your body is a […]

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Communicating Your Value Proposition

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place. – George Bernard Shaw Strong communication leads to understanding and cooperation. How do you be a strong communicator? Know your audience and speak their language. Recognise the importance of understanding, targeting and engaging your audience Who are your writing for/speaking to? […]

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Let’s Go!

Now that you have attended the Validation Bootcamp and completed the online generator course, it’s time to take real, radical action. How? Refine your validation plan. Learn Visit Lean Stack Complete the Startup Toolkit Use the Generator Network to access courses and toolkits relevant to you. Connect Be mentored Network. To stay motivated, you need to […]

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Online Ready

Explore online apps and programs that are going to support your business. Sign up and set up what you need. Join the online forum to see what other businesses are using in your specific industry. Free Online Lean Canvas Search Engine Optimisation / Competitor Analyses Google My Business Listing Profile & Ads for validation experiments […]

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Personality Compass

Knowing who you are relates to a heightened awareness of knowing what you want. This in turn leads to a clarity of direction and high probability of achieving your goals. Understanding your personality type and therefore traits, can give insight in what areas of you life you excel in or come naturally and which you […]

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Lean Canvas 1

Lean Canvas

Brainstorm and apply your ideas in the following: Explanation of a Lean Canvas Product Customer Problem List top 3 problems you believe your customer is experiencing Describe these assumptions as they were speaking with their own voiceToday’s alternatives What workarounds do they have / find today? What competitors are there available today? Solution Bullet list […]

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